Radiant Barrier Insulation

Radiant barrier insulation installed in your attic reduces heat gain from solar radiation.

How Radiant Barriers Work

Radiant barriers are installed on the attic floor or rafters. They consist of a reflective material that blocks radiant heat from the sun.

  • Reflects up to 97% of radiant heat
  • Does not block airflow
  • Works in summer and winter

Benefits of Radiant Barrier

  • Lowers attic temperatures by up to 30°F
  • Reduces heat transfer into living spaces
  • Lowers air conditioning costs
  • Improves efficiency of insulation
  • Easy to install in new and existing attics

Recommended Uses

Radiant barriers work best in hot, sunny climates. Ideal for:

  • Residential attics
  • Attached garages
  • Metal building roofs
  • Agricultural structures

A radiant barrier can lower summer cooling costs by 10-15%. Contact us to learn more and get a quote!

“The radiant barrier really improved comfort in our home’s upper floor. Best decision we made!”

– James R., Homeowner

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